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Globalist Hillary Clinton officially launches 'resistance' outside group

Globalist Hillary Clinton officially launches 'resistance' outside group | 15 May 2017 | Hillary Clinton officially announced Monday her post-2016 election plans: A political organization aimed at funding "resistance" groups that are standing up to President Donald Trump [to better serve the other neocon dirt-bags completely owned and operated by Wall Street]. Clinton tweeted that she was launching "Onward Together to encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office." Amanda Litman, co-founder of Run for Something said in a statement that they are "so honored and proud to have Hillary Clinton's support." [Run for Something? What did Clinton run for, other than "It's my turn" or "I'm with her?" What was Clinton's message, other than, "I'm a woman and... something something dirtbag something something?" How about Hillary runs for the hills instead of supposedly encouraging others (especially her daughter) to run for office -- in a transparent attempt to resuscitate her political career? Some might even go as so far as to say that Hillary should run from something, instead of talking about running for something. But do we need Hillary involved in the already polluted political sphere, the same hack that allowed 20% of U.S. uranium to be sold to Russia without whimper? How much more political and economic capital will this family attempt to extract from the U.S. public? --Michael Rectenwald].