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Southern leg of Keystone pipeline a 'priority,' Obama says

Mega barf alert: Southern leg of Keystone pipeline a 'priority,' Obama says 22 Mar 2012 Amid criticism he isn't doing enough to beat back rising gas prices, President Obama Thursday said he is calling on his administration "to cut through red tape, break through bureaucratic hurdles," and make the Southern leg of the controversial Keystone pipeline "a priority." Mr. Obama's stop in Cushing was part of a four-state, two-day tour in which the president touted his [corpora-terrorist overlords'] energy policies. Standing next to the giant TransCanada pipes that will make up the Southern leg of the Keystone pipeline, Mr. Obama sought to remind voters that he's not opposed to domestic oil drilling [so Exxon Mobil can sell the oil to China]. [Once again, Obusha surrenders to his GOP overlords and fails to address the cause of skyrocketing oil prices: Wall Street speculation and rampant profiteering by US oil companies.]